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Omaha Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Vinyl Directional ArrowsNavigating your building will be much easier with directory and wayfinding signs in place. Install a directory in the main lobby, and potentially in other locations as well, so guests can easily find individual offices or other key locations in the building. Wayfinding signs located in key areas on walls, hanging from the ceiling or using stand-alone signs provide assurance that each guest is headed in the right direction.

Using Directory and Wayfinding Signs

  • Lobby Directories – Both wall-mounted and pylon-style signs are good options for your directory placement. Choose a location for your directory that will not block traffic, but allows easy access for guests.
  • Wall Signs – These can be crafted to meet ADA standards. Wall signs labeling specific locations within your building help every guest feel comfortable and find his or her way.
  • Overhead and Freestanding Signs – These wayfinding signs are a superior tool for use throughout the building. Like most of our directory and wayfinding signs, they can be crafted from acrylic, metal or other materials.

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