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Trade Show Displays

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When you attend conventions, trade shows, or expos, you are competing against tons of other companies for exposure, sales, and clients. You need to do everything you can to get the most out of your experiences at these events by building trade show displays, pop-up banners, and exhibit banners that will bring the right kind of customers to you. To do this, you need imagination, high-quality materials, creativity, and innovation.

Custom Trade Show Displays

Rehab Trade Show BoothOur team at Sign-O-vation are experts in the areas of innovation and imagination, creating trade show signs, banners, and displays that will work regardless of your location. Each and every exhibit display is personalized to you, your company, and your industry. We pay special attention so that you don’t have to worry about someone else coming with the same “one size fits all” booth design.

Booth displays are important for trade shows because you have to stand out or you’ll be forgotten. Our work will help you do that. We look at your budget, booth size, and what you want to accomplish there before we start planning. From there, our experienced team will work to create trade show banners and displays that can last for more than one event.

Elements of a Great Trade Show Booth

The best trade show displays will not only display information; they will attract attention, be memorable, and highlight your company. Some of the components we can offer you include:


We can help to select which elements will work for your industry to create a booth that works for your branding and message. You want to deliver a specific message after all, and not all elements are appropriate for every industry.

Trade Show Booth Customization

As a full-service graphic and sign design company, we work with you to deliver exactly what you want, from the graphics and the logo to the lettering and finish of your products. Everything goes through you several times so that you can pack up and go without worrying about errors or mistakes. With Sign-O-vation on your side, you will easily outshine all of your competition and become the most popular booth at the trade show.You're going to love your new sign- I guarantee it! SignOvation Owner, Kent Jorgenson

Free Consultation with a Signage Expert

Want to attract the right kind of customers and clients to your booth?

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