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How to Shop for Custom Signs in Lincoln NE

You cannot succeed as a business without signage. Yet, finding the right signs for your enterprise can be tough. Should you stay local or go with an online supplier? How can you tell that the estimate you received is a good price? Sign-O-vation knows how hard it can be to find a great sign company. For this reason, we have put together a guide on how to shop for custom signs in Lincoln NE.

How to Prepare for a New Sign

How to Shop for Custom Signs in Lincoln NE 02 1You must prepare before you even start searching for custom signage. This process involves a few steps:

  • Include others who need to be a part of the sign making decisions
  • Talk to your property management company about their sign requirements
  • Calculate how much you want to spend
  • Get a .ai or .eps file format version of your logo
  • Download or print photographs of markers that you like so you can show the signage graphic designer
  • Think about what services and characteristics you want from a sign shop
  • Have something in mind for what you want for your sign
  • Determine the timeline in which you would like the sign finished

How to Pick a Sign Company

How to Shop for Custom Signs in Lincoln NE wayfinding signs airport 1000x445 acf croppedYou are ready to look for a sign maker once you have made all of the above preparations. First of all, local sign companies will almost always be better. They may cost a little more than online outfits, but it is also easier for them to travel to your venue and take pictures, make measurements, and perform a site evaluation. They will also be able to install your sign for you and make repairs or perform regular maintenance.

When they are surveying your building, this is the ideal time to listen to their suggestions and share your own concerns, such as timing, who will be involved in the final sign off of the sign, and your budget.

A successful sign project depends upon you finding a quality sign shop. Respond quickly with feedback and approvals, give them time to get you their best proposal, and ask plenty of questions. Remember that you and your sign partner are working together to create the best sign that works for your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How Does Sign Design Work

How to Shop for Custom Signs in Lincoln NE WallMuralaThe sign company will provide you with art proofs of what your finished sign will look like. The design is based on what your landlord and city will allow, what is possible on your property, what your logo and brand look like, who your target demographic is, and what you need for your organization.

Look the proofs over carefully. Be sure to say something if there are any changes you would like to see or if anything does not make sense! Since it will be precisely what is produced, you should have a final proof in hand that is exactly what you want before you sign off on anything.

We hope you will consider contacting the friendly experts at Sign-O-vation now that you know how to shop for custom signs in Lincoln NE. For a free quote, call us today!

How to Shop for Custom Signs in Lincoln NE customized business signs