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Omaha Channel Letter Signs

Work World Storefront Sign Channel LetteringDraw in traffic when you put your company’s name in lights—using channel letters. These exterior signs utilize aluminum bases and have acrylic or polycarbonate facings. The Sign-O-vation team handles the installation and will mount these directly to your façade. There is no better choice for helping your business stand out in a crowded shopping center or business district.

Lighting Options for Channel Letter Signs

  • Unlit – For locations that are only open during daylight hours or if you are using spotlights, an unlit channel letter sign can be a great choice.
  • Front Lit – Front lit signs are the “standard” in channel signs. With these signs a translucent facing means that the light shines through the front of the letters.
  • Backlit – With backlit letters, the face is sealed with aluminum and painted with your chosen color. The rear of the letter is made of a clear polycarbonate allowing light to escape and create a halo effect around the letters.
  • Open Face – Open face signs mimic the look of bare neon tubes. The aluminum body is crafted with neon tubing that follows all curves and angles. This style of sign can be utilized to give your sign an Art Deco look.

Free Consultation with Storefront Sign Expert

Channel lettering works well for storefront signs and can make a big impression as a lobby sign. We can assist you with choosing the right options for your needs.

Call Sign-O-vation at (402) 218-2388 for a Free Consultation with a Storefront Sign Expert!