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Carved Signs

Sandblasted SignPick a sign that will give your building a classic appearance, yet provide modern benefits—choose carved and sandblasted signs. Though these signs have been around for decades, they remain popular today because of the classy appearance and easy maintenance they offer. Carving creates letters that are indented in the surface of the sign, while sandblasting removes the wood surface to allow the letters to extend forward from the main surface. While in the past wood was the only choice for the sign, today there is another option too.

Carved and Sandblasted Sign Materials

  • Wood – Wood is an excellent material for carving or sandblasting. Not only is the material easy to work with, but it is also possible to paint wood nearly any color desired to match a corporate color scheme.
  • Sign Foam – While wood was once the most popular material, today sign foam’s popularity has reached all-time heights. This material stands up to the harsh weather and extreme temperatures a sign may experience here in Nebraska or Iowa.

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